17-Aug-2018Orange Lake, NY +6 milesItems Wanted
Hey there, if anyone out there is getting rid of an iPhone 8 case that they aren t using, feel free to slide it over this way lol thank you for reading this!
16-Aug-2018Orange Lake, NY +6 milesItems Wanted
Need newspapers Daily news, ny post, times herald record, ny times.
14-Aug-2018Poughkeepsie, NY +14 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for a working juicer to help me with my diet. Thanks.
13-Aug-2018Poughkeepsie, NY +14 milesItems Wanted
looking for a portable air conditioner 10,000 BTU or larger
13-Aug-2018Orange Lake, NY +6 milesItems Wanted
looking for adult skis, My shoos are 10.5 Thanks
13-Aug-2018Poughkeepsie, NY +14 milesItems Wanted
metal clothing rack
13-Aug-2018Poughkeepsie, NY +14 milesItems Wanted
Please let me know if you have clean used moving boxes. Thanks
12-Aug-2018Poughkeepsie, NY +14 milesItems Wanted
My own laptop died on me and I am tight on money to buy a replacement. I am hoping to see if anyone has a laptop he or she is willing to part with.
12-Aug-2018Poughkeepsie, NY +14 milesItems Wanted
Looking for an older receiver, need to be able to hook up speakers, cd player. My 35 year old KLH finally bit the dust
11-Aug-2018Poughkeepsie, NY +14 milesItems Wanted
I' be interested in any book by Bo Lozoff
10-Aug-2018Orange Lake, NY +6 milesItems Wanted
Looking for the barrel for Revolutionary War reenactment festival
9-Aug-2018Poughkeepsie, NY +14 milesItems Wanted
Needed, boys clothes size 7, 8, 12 ( or large)
Is anyone from Colorado, Wyoming, or Western South Dakota going to Princeton or Hay Days? I may need a sled or two brought to MN. Thanks, Adam
3-Aug-2018Poughkeepsie, NY +14 milesItems Wanted
Looking for books on CD. The actual book part need not be included; we just want something to listen to.
2-Aug-2018Poughkeepsie, NY +14 milesItems Wanted
I have a need for a dog kennel or play pen for two small dogs that love to be outside. Will travel to pick up. Thanks
29-Jul-2018Poughkeepsie, NY +14 milesItems Wanted
In need of fully intact bag chair bags.
26-Jul-2018Poughkeepsie, NY +14 milesItems Wanted
looking to do H. Potter theme, and will take anything that is wizard-ish or Harry Potter. cauldrons, witchy brooms, "potion" bottles, wands, etc, or anything Harry Potter. can meet in public venue....Thank you!
17-Jul-2018Poughkeepsie, NY +14 milesItems Wanted
I can use a working or non working radial arm saw that you no longer want or need
17-Jul-2018Orange Lake, NY +6 milesItems Wanted
Hello, Does anyone have a birdbath that they are giving away - would be glad to take it off your hands. Thank you, Jacob Ehrenpreis
16-Jul-2018Poughkeepsie, NY +14 milesItems Wanted
Description: Looking for a right side (Pass) door for a 1950 Pontiac 2 door Streamliner
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